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Two Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert for Your AV Control System

By Pro AV Control

Two Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert for Your AV Control System

Sometimes we’re asked why any company should consider hiring an expert for their AV Control Systems. We understand where this question comes from. After all, hiring an expert requires an investment, most people want assurance that their investment will pay off. Hiring an expert for your AV Control System is an investment that will absolutely pay off, and we can offer two compelling reasons why.

First, the audio-visual aspect of your business isn’t something you can afford to skimp on these days. Scientific studies have shown that presentations given with audio-visual aids provide much better results than ones given without.

Using multiple mediums during presentations can help individuals and groups to interact and become part of the session. Persons who are engaged in the process tend to retain and understand information more effectively, and are less prone to inattentiveness (Small Business Chronicle).

With benefits such as these riding on the proper use of audio-visual materials, it just makes sense to invest in a system to streamline the process. Better still is to invest in a system designed by experts.

Second, experts are uniquely suited to design a system that will bridge the knowledge gap between the system components and the individuals who will be using the system. When experts are given access to both the what and the who in the AV equation, they’re able to design usable systems unique to the needs of each unique individual or corporate client.

Here at High Resolution Systems, we are passionate about helping men and women harness the power of audio-visual media. By designing a system unique to you and your AV needs, we can free you to concentrate on your own area of expertise while simultaneously taking advantage of an expert AV Control System.

If you have questions about our systems and services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Why do you need a Pro AV control system for retail digital signage?

Pro AV Control System Solutions for Retail and Digital Signage

By Pro AV Control

Pro AV Control System Solutions for Retail and Digital Signage


Digital signage can maintain continuous communication throughout a large floor space and across multiple sites.  It replaces printed posters or mobile lettered signage which were so prevalent decades ago.  Organizations like universities, office buildings, transportation terminals as well as retail stores are now using digital signage to distribute commercial messages and information throughout their floor space.


There are simple digital signage systems where all monitors display the same messages and more complex systems that display different messages to various groupings or locations of monitors. Some digital signage systems allow two-way communication, interactivity and other forms of content and environmental automation.


 Pro AV control systems are a necessary part of retail digital signage. Control systems simplify the network of signage inputs and displays so the events and collaborations run seamlessly. Computer input, recorded input, microphones, lights and cameras work together with minimal hands-on operation to let you focus on your agenda. The control system may also manage the internet of things in your facility, controlling drapes, lights, ventilation as well as the screens themselves. The system selects the pre-designated audio/video output under full control or automatically.


An audio/video control processor, working through touch panels or button control pads, serves as an integrated interface for any number of input and display devices. The interface will manage, command, and regulate every element of your audio/video infrastructure, all the amplifiers, computers, microphones and video streaming peripherals distributed to the screens and audio systems.


Pro AV control systems range from conference and presentation theater and corporate meeting room controls to large-scale auditoriums, educational and training facilities. The systems are user-friendly and give simplified intuitive command to presenters or central management.


HRS takes a modern approach to professional audio/video control systems, developing our own software and control system products that are fast and easy to use. Please contact us for more information.