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HRS Enterprise Platform

Pro AV Control & Automation

Meet the Enterprise Control & Automation Platform

AV Control As An IT Solution

Instead of needing a control processor and software in every room, one server can run 10, 20, 100 or more rooms as independent processes on the same physical control server.

System Designer

System Designer is a web based programming tool kit included in the Enterprise servers that maintains a collaborative development and configuration environment for implementing complex control systems.

Centralized Servers

Linux server platforms primarily run most of the modern and successfully distributed networked systems worldwide. These servers run scalable, reliable and efficient technologies such as MySQL, Nodejs, V8, ZMQ, Graphite, Redis and more. It’s a no brainier that your business needs to takes advantage of these remarkable technologies for real time monitoring and control.

Smart Management

Enterprise Platform is a av control software designed to run an entire facility on  a reliable Linux operating system. Host up to 10, 20, 100 or more systems controlling AV equipment over an existing TCP/IP network. HRS offers the Enterprise platform on a variety of hardware options. Welcome to intelligent administration.

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